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How LovetoShift Can Elevate Your Ride

You want your car to reflect who you are - effortlessly cool and as suave as they come. Unmistakably stylistic but not tacky. Sounds like you?

Cement your reputation by enlisting LovetoShift’s help. Our products are designed to impress and will instantly elevate your ride.

1. Shift Boots
Shift boots sit atop your gear shift and add major flair to the center of your car. Rather than staring at a neutral color, with a shift boot you can dress up your gear shift in bright colors, unique patterns, and high-quality fabrics to give your car more personality.

Anybody who enters your car will be dazzled by the adornment. And if you’re the only one who ever gets in your car, you’ll be the one dazzled instead.

We have a variety of shift boots available, each one different from the next and perfect for expressing yourself in a unique way.

Check them out here.

2. EBrake/Handbrake Covers
Match your e-brake to your shift boot with an eye-catching cover. Both products are easy to put on and to take off for cleaning. The fabric is machine washable, too, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your e-brake cover or shift boot.

Shop our shift boots section again to see which ones come with a matching e-brake cover.

3. Shift Knobs
There are seemingly endless cool features that come with cars, but shift knobs are where they lack pizzazz. Step out of the pack and into the small percentage of people who care about their interior’s aesthetics and upgrade your vehicle with a stunning shift knob. Our stellar patterns will automatically take your car from basic to breathtaking.

Take a look here.

4. Decals
It’s fun to deck out your ride with interior accouterment, but it’s equally as fun to decorate the exterior of your car.

With the interior, it’s like a little secret. Only you and anyone who enters your car is going to see it. But with car decals that adorn the outside, everyone gets to enjoy your car’s updated look.

With LovetoShift’s artistic decals, your car will turn into an unmistakable ride to spot. And with our various options, you can get something that totally speaks to your personality and style. No matter your preference, we have something for you.

The best part of our car decals? They’re easy to apply. You can do it yourself to ensure it’s placed exactly where you want it (and placement is just as important as the design itself).

With our unique design, these decals function to be totally customizable and simple enough for anyone to use. Talk about a double kill!

You can shop for them here.

5. Windshield Banners
Nothing is more satisfying than taking a drive and seeing heads bobble to catch a glimpse of your car. And one way to do that is by dressing your car with a windshield banner.

These special products are perfect for anyone with a quirky personality. They peek out of your car in an unassuming way, forcing everyone you cross paths with to take a closer look at your vehicle.

Our noteworthy designs can be found here.

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