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How NASCAR Racers Add that Oomph to Their Rides

How NASCAR Racers Add that Oomph to Their Rides

No cars are quite as unmistakable as the ones we see zipping around NASCAR tracks. Race cars are known for being flashy, sleek, and unique, but how do they achieve such a look?

Preparing a race car for a driver is no easy feat. The design has to reflect them and their sponsors, and it’s a tedious process to apply the wrapping.

So, how exactly do they do it? What are the tricks of the NASCAR trade, and how can we mere mortals attain a look on our own cars similar to that of a NASCAR daredevil? Let’s discuss.

NASCAR Side Car Wraps
NASCAR has been adorning their cars with epic designs for decades. The bodies of race cars have changed dramatically over the years, but the emblematic decals have never left their sides.

For many years, race cars were decorated with hand-painted designs. Local body shops were tasked with the paint job, and the designs weren’t quite as elaborate as they are today. But as time went on, the graphics evolved, as did the material used.

In recent years, there’s been a major shift from painted decals to vinyl. Vinyl has allowed for more intricate designs, as well as ones that can cover the entire car.

How They Do It
In the days of old, as mentioned, artists used their hands and a brush to paint their racer’s car. With the invention of the airbrush, some painters did shift to that medium. But now, most use vinyl, and it is a far different process than painting.

To wrap their cars in vinyl, an entire team assembles. They follow a distinct process, one that includes pulling the vinyl cover over the car, or placing a decal strategically on the car, and using a blow torch to remove wrinkles.

Though one could argue that it does not require as much artistic talent to apply vinyl to a car than it does to paint a car, it does take as much, if not more, precision and discipline to give those cars the stand-out aesthetic their drivers are seeking.

How You Can Get the Same Look
You probably don’t want to drive around with giant company logos on your personal car, and you probably won’t be able to unless you are an insanely talented racecar driver. But if you are an average driver with an average vehicle who wants to spice it up a bit, use our side car wraps and decals.

These are easy ways to add some appeal to your vehicle without the NASCAR team, materials, and budget. You can easily apply our vinyl decals right at home for a look that instantly ups your cool factor.

Check the Car Decals category from the store to find your perfect side car wrap or decal. You may not be a NASCAR driver, but your car will look just as cool.